Conditions of use

This repository of files shall serve as a source of information and rough guidance regarding the dimensions of the CYBATHLON competition tasks. You may also use these files to build your own competition tracks for testing and training purposes. CAD drawings (.stp format) of each task are provided for the disciplines Powered Arm Prostheses, Powered Leg Prostheses, Powered Exoskeletons and Powered Wheelchairs.

It is not allowed to use these files for commercial purposes. It is also not allowed to share the files with any 3rd party. The intellectual property of the following files remains with ETH Zurich, CYBATHLON, at any time.

The obstacles were designed with due skill, care and diligence. They have been used in the proposed setting in several CYBATHLON events in the past (CYBATHLON Rehearsal 2015, CYBATHLON 2016, REHACARE 2017, REHACARE 2018) and no accidents have occurred. Regardless, we cannot take responsibility for your reproductions.

Therefore ETH Zurich, CYBATHLON denies any liability, namely for accidents or injuries, that may occur when testing or practicing your assistive technology on these competition obstacles. We highly recommend putting appropriate safety measures in place (i.e. spotters who catch the pilot in case of a fall) and to verify obstacle integrity before use.